Do you support your employees to be more focused and energized?

Organizations that prioritize wellbeing of their employees perform better. In terms of health and burnout prevention, but also in terms of retention of talent, productivity and commitment to the organisation.

Since 2017 Onewave succesfully strengthens the wellbeing & performance of forward looking organizations such as Accenture, Gasunie, Ministerie van Justitie & Veiligheid and Tony’s Chocolonely.

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Our program
in five steps

The way we work, doesn’t work. It’s not getting the best out of people and company performance. We are on a mission to change that!

The unique Onewave program combines a data-driven approach to wellbeing and performance with deep expertise and personal guidance. In 5 steps participants are taken from deep insights into their personal cycles of stress and recovery to lasting behavioral change allowing them to deliver more with less stress.

WEEK 3–4
WEEK 5–10
Let’s talk about wellbeing and performance!
Track your energy and your physical data.
Learn from your data.
Put it to practice! We’ll guide you.
Experience the benefits of the changes you made and make a next step.

To sustain and maximize the program’s impact, Onewave offers tailored modules and additional services. To build a wellbeing culture we can provide (fully anonimized) group reports, communication packages, thematic workshops, additional measurements, coaching and extra guidance for teams and management.

Our program can be tailored to your needs
Check your Energy
Light version of our program focused on insight & awareness. Can also be offered as a preventive health check. See the program set up.
Manage your energy
Program that offers insight & awareness, followed by guidance to help participants make conscious choices that may benefit their energy level and performance. Can be conducted with management, teams and separate groups.
Master your Energy
Comprehensive vitality program aimed at the creation of an energized organization that prioritizes healthy and effective work standards. The program offers additional group reports, follow-up workshops, communication packages, consultancy and extra guidance for teams and management. Together we set up specific goals to build a culture in which wellbeing & performance reinforce each other.

We create impact

Onewave provides employees with insights and control over their own vitality and helps organizations to build a wellbeing & performance culture.

Improved their wellbeing
Increased their work efficiency
Decrease in sick days

Our clients are happy,
we are happy

Average satisfaction
Participants that recommend
our program to others
man in suit eating tony chocolate
Tony’s Chocolonely, People & Culture Hero

The cool thing about Onewave’s energy management program is that it helps turn personal, data-based insights into action.

Onewave the Agency is Privacy Verified certified. This means that our way of handling personal data is verifiably in line with the GDPR.

We’re in it
for the longhaul

We aim for long-lasting collaborations with our clients and support them in establishing a sustainable culture of wellbeing & performance. We are proud to work with several extraordinary companies and organizations. Ask us for references if you would like to hear from them directly.

Selected clients
HR director Keylane
We learned how to unlock sustainable performance energy in ourselves and how to use that within our teams. The Onewave program helped us to integrate wellbeing & performance strategies into our leadership.
Participant ABN AMRO
To me, the Onewave program was really valuable. I hope that many more people will be able benefit from the insights you can provide.
People Business Partner CBRE
Our people are result-driven and they love numbers. That’s why the Onewave program suits our organization: it makes energy quantifiable and offers the right expertise and guidance. We’re very pleased with our collaboration!
Manager at Wieden+Kennedy
Some serious changes are taking place! I found it really insightful and the program made me reflect on my own batteries. Thank you for the opportunity to better ourselves.

You are in good hands

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Onewave combines an in-depth understanding of HR strategies, business and stakeholder management with deep expertise in physiology, health, training, coaching and top sports.