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More energy, better performance with Onewave

The unique Onewave program offers physiological insights, personal advice, and concrete tips to improve your way of working.


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The way we work doesn't work. Not for people and not for (business) performance.

Our mission is to change that!

Stress without recovery
  • (Risk of) absenteeism due to illness and burnout
  • High employee turnover
  • Decreased engagement and resilience
This is also possible
  • More energy and well-being for your employees
  • Better performance in your organization
  • Magnet for good people


Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2022

Employees who genuinely believe their employer cares about their well-being are:

  • 69%
    less likely to look for a new job
  • 71%
    less likely to experience burnout
  • 3x
    more engaged with their work

Improve the productivity and well-being of your employees and teams with our unique data-driven programs!


What our customers say

Carline van Veen
Culture Captain @ Tony's Chocolonely

"The beauty of Onewave's energy management program is that it helps turn personal, data-based insights into actions."

Stephen Corlett
CEO @ 180 Amsterdam

"We used the Onewave program to give the leadership group of our creative agencies insight into their performance and energy levels. It was a brilliantly executed and extremely valuable experience that had an immediate impact on the team's performance and output."

Lynn van Veen
People Business Partner @ CBRE

"Our people are results-oriented and thrive on numbers. That's why the Onewave program fits our organization: it makes energy measurable and provides the right expertise and guidance. We are very happy with our collaboration!"

Charlotte Kerner
Department Head Protocol Events and Operations @ Ministery

"The electrodes measure your heart rate variability and thus your energy level. {...} This gives you detailed insights via an app into what energizes you, what costs a lot of energy, and at what moments you recharge. {...} And a nice side effect was that there was a lot of discussion about the results at work (also with a touch of humor) and advice was exchanged. Thank you, Onewave, for your wonderful program."

Martine Fuite
Operational Director @ B&T Education Consultants

"In the performance reviews we conducted with everyone in January, we (for the first time) systematically and explicitly focused on each person's vitality following the Onewave program, which 85% of our organization participated in. This showed that people are now very consciously engaged with this topic and that things are going much better than in previous years."

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  • ● What is the added value of data?
  • ● What does an effective program at the organizational level look like?
Lieke Wolfraad - Founder of Onewave & Vitality- and Performance Expert