We humans have our own natural rhythms of stress and recovery, or action and rest. The closer we follow these personal biological patterns, the more energetic and productive we are likely to be.

It is Onewave’s expertise to let people discover their unique energy balance and give them science-based insights they can apply in everyday life. We believe that energized people create more positive impact!

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Why we do what we do

How can you recharge after a peak performance, so that you remain energized at work and outside?

That’s what Lieke wondered when she was an HR advisor responsible for a group of consultants working under high pressure. From her master’s research at FC Groningen she knew that professional football players function best alternating high performance with serious time for the body to recover. Consultants were expected to excel as well, but were they able to recover sufficiently, both physically and mentally? And did they still have enough time and energy for life beside work?

In 2018, Lieke and Stijn started Onewave from the conviction that people can perform at a higher level without exhausting themselves or those close to them, if they learn to better manage their energy and if they are adequately facilitated to do so by the companies they work for. In 2019 Noortje completed the Founding team and stepped in as a business partner. Together, they combine in-depth understanding of HR strategies, business and stakeholder management with scientific expertise related to physiology, health, training, coaching and top sports.

Their ambition is to learn people how to be more energized in work and life.


Our core-team is compact and flexible, with a no-nonsense and involved mentality. We have a shared drive to show people and organizations how to structurally improve their energy level.

Our program is guaranteed to be innovative and scalable: besides our core-team of coaches, specialists and business developers, we have a variety of partnerships to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology, expertise and guidance.

Lieke Wolfraad
Founder & Expert
As a movement scientist with a passion to improve human performance and wellbeing, Lieke set up the successful and award-winning Fit@Work program for Accenture, which was implemented by the company throughout Europe and is now integrated in the Accenture Global Talent Strategy. After eight years at Accenture, she took on an entrepreneurial role at a training agency before moving on to found Onewave, together with Stijn. Her proactive mentality helps her to quickly and efficiently set up successful initiatives. She is down-to-earth, an optimist who knows how to connect people. Lieke recharges at the beach with her three young sons and her partner.
Noortje de Lange
Partner & Expert
Noortje has a background in business administration and psychology. Fascinated by people and workplace satisfaction, she chose a career in change management and coaching. At Achmea, she set up and implemented a vitality program, and at Effectory she researched the relationship between vitality and productivity for several clients. Within Onewave, Noortje applies her experience and expertise in an entrepreneurial role to realize her passion: to teach people how live and work with more energy. She is decisive and development-driven; an optimist with a sound critical view. Noortje recharges from being outdoors, and a good conversation.
Sophie Legemate
Project Manager
Sophie has a background in hotel and event management. Following her studies, she gained experience in various roles within the hospitality branch, with a focus on customer experience and relations. Now she is growing together with Onewave. As Project Manager she is responsible for program implementation and experience; for logistics; and the communication with clients and participants. With her empathy, flexibility and talent to keep track of everything, she makes sure that our projects run smoothly from start to finish. Sophie recharges from cooking and a hot bath.
Sabine Klijn
Specialist & Coach
In the different HR roles she fulfilled over the past years, Sabine increasingly turned her attention to sustainable employability and vitality. She has a background in psychology, a logical choice given her fascination with human conduct. Her curiosity for people’s motives and a desire to help them gain insight in their behavior, combine in her present work. As Onewave coach, Sabine encourages people to (re)find their energy balance in a positive way.
Sanne Ruardi
Specialist & Coach
Sanne is an inspired coach who loves to contribute to personal growth. She is convinced that everyone is capable of change if they really want to. She combines coaching with years of experience as a drama teacher. This has resulted in a playful and action-oriented coaching style. Sanne has a lot of affinity with food and movement and she is happy to look for changes together that actually work for you. This Onewave coach gets energized when you want to go for it!
Stijn Quast
Co-founder and Back-end Builder
Stijn helps to build and grow businesses with a social or environmental mission. He gained his first experience in corporates and since then has helped several fast-growing scale-ups in varying industries to accelerate their growth and impact. His expertise is in building a proper company foundation in order to be able to successfully execute the business growth and impact strategy. A good plan combined with a strong ability to execute and a great team are crucial conditions for growth. But even more important is a culture that combines wellbeing and performance so that growth will be sustainable. He works with teams to integrate and align personal and team responsibilities, systems and processes. He is a strategic connector, pragmatic, always with the future in mind. Stijn recharges from building, cooking and being with his kids.