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About us

Energy comes in waves

Onewave delivers unique programs with data-driven insights, personal advice, and the tools to change your (work) environment.

Since 2017, Onewave has successfully collaborated with progressive organizations in the field of wellbeing & performance, such as Accenture, Gasunie, the Ministry of Justice & Security, and Tony’s Chocolonely.

How it began

How do you ensure that after significant efforts, you recharge enough to stay full of energy both during and outside of work?

This was the question Lieke asked herself when she was an HR advisor responsible for a group of consultants with high workloads. From her master’s research at FC Groningen, she knew that professional footballers perform best by alternating top-level efforts with sufficient rest and relaxation. Consultants were also expected to deliver top performances, but were they able to recover physically and mentally? And did they still have enough time and energy for life outside of work?

In 2018, Lieke and Stijn founded Onewave, driven by the belief that people can perform at a high level without exhausting themselves or their surroundings, if they learn to better regulate their energy and if the right facilities are provided by the companies they work for. In 2019, Noortje completed the founding team and joined as a partner. Together, they combine extensive knowledge of business administration, change management, and HR strategy with concrete expertise at the intersection of physiology, health, top sports, and coaching.

Our ambition is to teach people how to work and live with more energy.

Our Team

Our core team of trainers, coaches, and specialists is dedicated in a no-nonsense way, sharing the drive to teach people and organizations how to structurally improve their energy levels.

In addition to our team we provide our clients with the latest developments in technology, expertise, and guidance through various collaborations.

Lieke Wolfraad

Founder & Wellbeing Expert

Noortje de Lange

Partner & Wellbeing Expert

Stijn Quast

Co-founder, Organisation & Business Developer

Sophie Legemate

Customer Succes Manager

Ashley Klaarmond

Customer Succes Representative

Annet van Essen

Onewave Specialist & Trainer

Rosanne Hogendoorn

Onewave Specialist & Trainer

Martijn Ruitenburg

Onewave trainer

Abel Nienhuis

Onewave Specialist & Trainer

Myrna Everaars

Onewave Specialist & Trainer

Sanne Ruardi

Onewave Specialist & Trainer

Sabine Klijn

Onewave Specialist & Trainer

Laura Burgers

Customer Succes Representative

Onewave in the press

How do you ensure a good energy level for yourself and your staff? Entrepreneur and movement scientist Lieke Wolfraad blogs about it monthly.