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Working from home has become the main point of focus for employers right now. And with that come challenges; how do you keep employees engaged, fit, energized and productive? Employees are facing the same issues; how can I work from home effectively? In a way that that I can sustain my energy to not only perform well at my job, but also look after all the other important parts of my life. Our Onewave Program assists with this. We teach employees what they can do to manage their workday effectively and maintain their energy levels. Our Onewave specialist Sanne wanted to share three tips with you in this blog post.

1. Make sure to take breaks

When you are working at the office, there are many moments throughout the day when you can grab a coffee or go for lunch with a colleague. You briefly pause your work and have a little chat. When you are working from home, without any colleagues around, many people tend to just keep working, even during their lunch break. All those little moments to recharge throughout the day have disappeared, leaving many people feeling exhausted. At the end of the workday they just crash on the couch, and it’s hard to get up again.

Tip: schedule regular breaks in your calendar and think of some things beforehand what you could do to recharge your energy. For example, a 10-20-minute powernap has been a proven way to recharge your energy very effectively. Going for a walk or exercising helps to improve your sleep and the blood flow to the brain. More blood means more oxygen and nutrients, which improve your concentration and memory and repress less relevant stimuli from your surroundings. And the best thing of all? You don’t have to knuckle down in the gym for an hour; just 10 minutes of moving your body is sufficient to improve your concentration.

2. Combining work and home life: make a schedule

Research has shown that multi-tasking is impossible. However, many people try to do their work whilst simultaneously paying attention to their kid(s) and/or partner. That doesn’t work; you’re not working effectively nor giving your family your full attention. This can make you feel like you’re falling short in both areas of your life, which leads to stress.

Tip: make a schedule beforehand, that clearly indicates when you are working, and when you are not. Set clear boundaries, both with your family and your colleagues about when you will be available, and when you’re not. And then stick to the schedule! Close down your laptop and put it out of sight when it is family time, and maybe hang a toy from the door handle when the kids are not allowed to disturb you. And also try to accept that you can’t do it all; it is perfectly fine to lower the bar!

3. Stay connected

A chat at the coffee machine, walking over to someone for a quick brainstorm, or chatting about the weekend during a lunch break. We miss each other a lot. We feel less connected with our colleagues, which has a big impact on our motivation, purpose and positivity. These emotions are very important; not only to feel happy, but also to keep performing well, both at home and at work.

Tip: stay connected. Meet up with a colleague who lives close by to go for a walk or call them to just have a chat and discuss things other than work. You could also schedule a social meet-up, to express your appreciation or give a compliment. Research has shown that social interaction has the same positive effect on our health as exercise does! So, if you want to boost your energy, go for a walk with a friend, colleague, partner or child!

About the author:

Sanne is a passionate coach who wants to contribute to your personal growth. She believes that anyone is capable of making a change, if you really want to. Sanne combines coaching with her years long experience as a drama teacher. Her coaching style is therefore playful and action oriented. Sanne has a lot of affinity with nutrition and movement and really enjoys helping you find solutions that suit you and your lifestyle.