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Wearing a tool
Can you wear the tool whilst exercising?
Yes, you can wear the tool whilst you are exercising (and sweating!). It is actually especially interesting to measure the effect of exercise on the stress/recovery balance. The only exception of wearing the tool is when you take a shower or go for a swim, since the tool cannot be exposed to water (but it is sweat-proof).
The tool has accidentally come off. What should I do now?
It can happen that the tool comes off, either at night or during the day. Once you have noticed this, just fasten the tool again; the measuring will resume immediately. It might mean that there will be a few hours of data missing. To ensure the tool doesn’t come off at night, it is helpful to wear a tight t-shirt.
A red light is blinking. What should I do?
When you see a blinking red light, it indicates the battery has run out. If that is the case, you can charge the battery yourself (see below). If you see an orange and green light indicated at the same time, it means the battery is running low, but you can still continue measuring your results.
How can I charge the tool when a red light is blinking?
Carefully remove the cable from the largest end of the tool. You can now see the USB-port. Connect the USB-port with the USB-port of your laptop or computer or use a charger with an USB-port. An orange light should now be blinking. When the blinking stops and the light shows solid orange, the tool has been fully charged. Place the cable back into the tool and resume your measuring.
Wearing the tool leads to skin irritation, what should I do?
Make sure you attach the adhesives onto clean and dry skin: please use the alcohol wipes provided to clean your skin. Next make sure to dry the skin, before attaching the adhesives. Attach the electrode just above or under the spot of the previous day to allow the skin to heal faster.
The measurement period
Can I remove the tool for the day, and restart measuring the following day?
Yes, that is possible. Remove the tool upon waking on the day you won’t be wearing it. Start measuring the following day, upon waking. Please note: the battery will possibly run empty since it is in use for a longer period of time. See above how you can charge the battery, if needed. In case you require the tool for a longer period of time than previously agreed to, please inform HR.
I am sick. Can I begin/continue with the measuring?
It is up to you to decide if you would like to measure your data. If you are still able to go to work, it is worth it to continue measuring. However, if you are too unwell to continue working, the measurements will not be a true representation and it might be better to stop measuring. Please inform HR and send an e-mail to info@onewave.agency.
I am unable to complete the three-day measurement period. What are the consequences for the analysis?
If you are unable to wear the tool day and night for three days, it will influence the results. The analysis will be based on less information, which makes it less accurate. However, we will still be able to make an analysis, and offer some concrete tips.
The chosen measurement period will not be a true representation of a regular day (I will be working one day less, I am away for the weekend, or will be out partying). Is it still relevant to join?
Definitely! Every day will provide unique insights. As long as the measurement period will consist of at least one workday and one day off, it is definitely worth it to continue measuring.
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