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The Onewave program - general
Is a medical advice part of the Onewave program?
none of the content in our programs should be considered medical advice, nor prescriptive in any way. The specialists of Onewave are not medical doctors.
About the wearable
Can you wear the wearable whilst exercising?
Yes, you can wear the wearable whilst you are exercising (and sweating!). It is actually especially interesting to measure the effect of exercise on the stress/recovery balance. The only exception of wearing the wearable is when you take a shower or go for a swim, since the wearable cannot be exposed to water (but it is sweat-proof).
The wearable has accidentally come off. What should I do now?
It can happen that the wearable comes off, either at night or during the day. Once you have noticed this, just fasten the wearable again; the measuring will resume immediately. It might mean that there will be a few hours of data missing. To ensure the wearable doesn’t come off at night, it is helpful to wear a tight t-shirt.
A red light is blinking. What should I do?
The wearable should be delivered to you with a full battery, but if the red light is flashing, it means that the battery is almost empty. Under the 'profile' section in the Firstbeat Life app, you can check the battery voltage. If this percentage is low, you can charge the wearable yourself. This can be done using a USB-C cable. There will be some missing data during the charging period; this won't be a problem for the reporting. The battery should be fully charged again after an hour. If the wearable doesn't charge, please contact Onewave.
How can I charge the wearable when a red light is blinking?
Carefully remove the cable from the largest end of the tool. You can now see the USB-port. Connect the USB-port with the USB-port of your laptop or computer or use a charger with an USB-port. An orange light should now be blinking. When the blinking stops and the light shows solid orange, the wearable has been fully charged. Place the cable back into the wearable and resume your measuring.
Wearing the wearable leads to skin irritation, what should I do?
Here's some tips:
- Make sure the skin is thoroughly clean before attaching the electrodes.
- Ensure the skin is completely dry before attaching the electrode.
- Place the electrode slightly above or below the spot where it was positioned the previous day: this can help the skin recover faster.
- Before removing the electrodes from the skin, you can let them soak in the shower or bathtub for a while. This will make them detach more easily.
About the measurement period
One of the measurement days is inconvenient for me, can I take off the wearable for a day and then resume the measurement?
It is preferable to measure consecutive days and nights, as this provides the best insight into the development of your energy level. If you still want to skip a day, this is possible. Remove the wearable immediately upon waking up on the day you cannot wear it. Resume measurement the following day after waking up. If you possess the wearable for a longer duration than agreed upon, always report this to Onewave and your internal contact person for the Onewave program. If nothing has been agreed upon with Onewave beforehand, charges may apply.
I'm sick, can I start/continue with the measurement?
It's up to you to decide whether you want to proceed with the measurement. If you're still capable of going to work, it's worth continuing with the measurement. However, if you're so sick that you can't work anymore, the measurement period isn't representative, and it might be better to stop the measurement. In that case, please report this to HR, and inform Onewave via email or phone. We'll then work together to find a suitable solution.
I am unable to complete the 3-day measurement. What are the consequences for the analysis?
If for whatever reason it's not possible to wear the wearable for 3 days and nights, that does have some influence on the result. The analysis will then be based on less information and will also be less comprehensive. Nevertheless, we can still perform an analysis and provide concrete tips.
The chosen measurement period is not very representative (I work one day less, am away for a weekend, or have a party). Is it still relevant to participate?
Certainly! Each day provides unique insights. As long as there is at least one workday and one day off within the measurement period, it's worth proceeding with the measurement.
About the results
I see white segments in my graphs in the Firstbeat Lifestyle app; what should I do?
Check if you have placed the electrodes in the correct positions on your body. If this is the case, you can replace the electrodes with new ones. If the white portions still persist in the graphs, then please contact Onewave.
I see a lot of red segments in my graphs in the Firstbeat Lifestyle app; should I worry?
If you see a lot of red segments in the graphs, you don't need to worry immediately. The time is not aligned at the beginning of the measurement, which can give you a distorted view. Once you click on "Analyze Measurement" at the end of the measurement, you will see the final results in the correct proportions.
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